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Investment Planning

How your investments are structured will, in part, determine your tax commitments, your risk exposure and the potential return on your investments. Your portfolio will be assessed, and recommendations will be made - on the basis of, amongst other things, your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Asset allocation will be discussed, and we will suggest optional investments to you, as appropriate for your particular situation and preferences.

Retirement Income Planning

Personal retirement savings, employer pension plans, non-registered investments, CPP and OAS generally form the basis for most retirement income plans. All of these areas will be addressed, and recommendations will be made based on your retirement goals, your current (and likely future) tax status, your family situation and your risk tolerance. We will consider the integration of government-sponsored income plans with your personal portfolio in order to structure your retirement income in the most efficient manner possible.

Risk Management/Insurance

For many people, protecting their family and assets is of utmost importance. Your advisor will analyze your protection needs, assess any existing programs you may have, and advise you of areas requiring attention. These areas may include life insurance, key person insurance (should you be a business owner), disability insurance, critical illness insurance, long-term care coverage and extended health insurance. Furthermore, we will explain and discuss "product allocation" in addition to asset allocation - towards minimizing retirement risk such as longevity risk and the retirement risk zone', being the 5 year period immediately preceding and following retirement.

Estate Planning

Ensuring the orderly transfer of a client’s estate to his or her beneficiaries typically forms a substantial part of that client’s financial plan. We work with trust structures, assorted estate-planning tools & strategies, along with relevant tax laws governing the transfer of investment and business assets at death, and can advise you as to the most favorable manner in which to structure your current holdings towards minimizing tax, and maximizing your estate values for your loved ones. In this regard, and as circumstances warrant, we recommend that a tax accountant be engaged by our clients to assist with tax and estate planning issues. You will also be advised on wills and powers of attorney - and as required, we will refer you to a lawyer for more detailed estate planning.

Business Continuation & Succession Planning

Most business owners want to know that, in the event of their death or disability, their business will either (a) continue to operate smoothly under new management/ownership; or (b) will cease operations and an orderly transfer of assets to beneficiaries will occur. Careful tax and investment planning will assist you in meeting your personal objectives for the future of your business.

Financial Planning